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Understanding Online Advertising Using Web 2.0

June 17, 2015

For many people online advertising is complicated. They fail to truly understand what is required to successfully advertise online. Many so-called experts have tried to give their long drawn out technical explanations. The problem is that too much jargon and hard to understand technical mumbo jumbo is used that an average person will need a Rosetta stone to decipher what these experts are saying.

To advertise their business online, many business owners turn to using Web 2.0 web sites, which are user generated content sites. Visitors to these sites signup and then start contributing their own content to the site. MySpace and Facebook are user generated Web 2.0 social networking sites. Users create their own profiles, add pictures, and upload videos and even music to the site. Social boomarking; such as, Digg, allow users to submit links to stories, videos, and website that they like along with their own review of the pictures, videos, and websites in general. Thus, the majority or whole content of these sites is that of contributions from users like yourself.

Using Web 2.0 sites differs from what we know as traditional sites, also referred to as, Web 1.0 sites, which are more static. In this case, the webmaster generates al the content for the site and shares this content with you. You have no say in the content that is on this site nore do you usually have a chance to leave your own opinion of what you have seen on the site. In some instances, traditional sites do have areas for comments, but this should not be confused with the broad user generated content sharing of Web 2.0 websites.

Take, for example, the blog site, is a Web 2.0 blog that is comprised of thousands of users creating individual blogs on a variety of subjects. All the information that you find on this site is all user contributed. The same concept applies to YouTube, which has tons of videos that you can watch. All of these videos are all user contributed to add a lot of diverse content to the website.

User generated content sites means marketing potential for you and your business. One of the rewards of online advertising useing Web 2.0 marketing is that it is virtually free to use.

You just need to learn how to successfully utilize these sites and if you choose to do this on your own, this will either require study and practice on your part or you can use our services to circumvent the learning curve and start generating results much more quickly.